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mahisito 03/08/20 16:40:15
"Yes," I said loudly.

"Yes, what?" he said, clearly enjoying teasing me this way.

Louder, I said "Yes! Please put your cock in my ass!"

"Good," he said and stopped moving his cock. His cock head was right at my opening. "Since this is your first time, I'll let you do the honors. Let go of your cheeks and get up on your elbows. Then you can push back onto me. I'll hold my cock in place for you."

I released my butt cheeks and sat up a little onto my elbows. Then I started to push back. I could see in the mirror his cock jutting out from him and disappearing into my ass. Slowly, I pushed harder. I felt resistance as I did, so I pushed a little harder. Suddenly, he was in me. It was uncomfortable, so I moved back forward. It was much different than even the three fingers. I pushed back again and felt the pressure, then pushed a little harder. I felt his cock head pass through my sphincter and into my canal. I stopped again, but this time didn't move forward. Slowly, I pushed back a little more then stopped again. I held that position for a second and then moved forward until I thought he was about to come out again, then back again. Slowly I worked and worked until I figured I'd gotten most of it in me, then back out again. Fuck, it felt good. The 'out' felt better than the 'in', but I was loving it. I was breathing heavily now, rocking on about half his cock length. My body felt hot and I was starting to sweat.

"You're awfully quiet. Does it feel good?" He asked me.

"Fuck yes," I said. "It feels amazing." I rocked back a little more and a little more each time now until I felt my butt cheeks hit him. I'd gotten the whole length in me.

"Good," he said and I felt his hands take hold of my hips. "Just stay still now and let me do the work."

I stopped moving and let him take over. He was slow and gentle, sliding his cock all the way in and then slowly bring it back out again. He then surprised me and pulled it all the way out. I felt, and saw in the mirror, him slap my ass with his cock, then he aimed it back into my hole and slid in without resistance. His hips hit me with some force, so I moved my arms out in front of me more to provide some stability.

"That's good," he breathed. "Fuck, that's good. You're really tight. Can I go a little faster now?"

"Yea, just be gentle," I said.

"Right," he said and I felt him increase his speed and thrust. Every time he pushed forward, I involuntarily pushed back.

"That's it," he whispered. "Move with me."

I could feel his hips hitting my ass and see it in the mirror. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I loved watching as he pulled his cock back and then back in. I watched as he bent forward, his head close to mine, then I felt his right hand slide below me and feel my cock. I could tell it had gone a little limp.
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